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Since 1976, Grant Avenue Studio has survived the many changes and challenges of the music industry.

It began as a convergence of ideas between Bob Doidge and the Lanois brothers in the 1970's,

and over time has developed an undeniable character of it's own.

Situated in a converted early 1900's Edwardian house in Hamilton Ontario,

Grant Avenue Studio retains the warm atmosphere implied by the architecture.

Simple, quaint and anonymous from the outside,

this very location has made an impressive impact on Canadian recording history.


In 2016 Grant Avenue Studio celebrated it’s fortieth year in operation! During that time we reflected on the influence our studio has had on music around the world. The very fact that legends in music have trusted us with recording their projects makes looking back at forty years an amazing experience for us. Artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Cockburn, Ian Thomas, U2, Johnny Cash, Los Lobos and countless others have made Grant Avenue Studio home; but the list also includes countless artists and producers who have done great things in this musical world - People who have worked here and went on to accomplish such huge things yet their names are not known to the general public. Listing the artists, producers and hit songs that were created within these walls is an endless task.

    We now look forward to the next forty years and it is that very thought that brought about our renovation in 2015. Having a studio with that experience and dedication is a very important part of the culture of Hamilton and Canada. We are here today to make the music of the great artists that we work with on a daily basis. We will be here tomorrow for the artists who will make up the fabric of our Heritage in the years to come.

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