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      Lifetime achievement award recipient at the 2015 Hamilton Music Awards, Bob had an early start in Music.

At a young age, he began formal training in piano, trumpet, and bass, which led to his mastery of a variety of other instruments. Bob's solo album 'Orion's Ghost', showcases these abilities.     

      His musical career progressed quickly when he started playing in bands with artists such as Ian Thomas (Tranquility Bass), Ray Materick, Shirley Eikhard, and Sylvia Tyson. In the 1970's Bob and his band-mate Daniel Lanois began recording in the Lanois' basement along with Daniel's older brother. Soon, they found themselves working with artists such as Raffi, Bruce Cockburn, and countless other local acts. The decision to expand was imminent, and so began Grant Avenue Studio.     

      Bob has been a part of Grant Avenue Studio since it's beginning. He took ownership of the studio in 1985 when Daniel went abroad to work with U2. Bob decided to stay in Hamilton to provide for the musicians of this city, and in turn has attracted many great artists to Grant Avenue.     

      Bob's discography as a producer and engineer boasts a long list of artists such as Gordon Lightfoot, U2, Johnny Cash, Chantal Chamberland, Ani DiFranco, Bob Dylan, Bruce Cockburn, Brooks Williams, John P Allen, Blackie and the Rodeo Kings and many more.     His work has resulted in some major accomplishments, including a Gold album for The Cowboy Junkies, Prairie Oyster, and a double-platinum record for the Crash Test Dummies. In 1995, Bob was nominated for a Grammy for his work with the gospel group The Torchmen. Also, he received a CCMA producer of the year nomination for Prairie Oysters "Greatest Hits" in 2001, and two Aboriginal Music Award nominations in 2004 for Santee Smith's "Kaha:Wi". Bob also produced Elizabeth Hills "Peacemakers lullaby" which has been nominated for several Aboriginal music awards. He has been the recipient of several Hamilton Music Awards.Other artists Bob has worked with include, Lennie Gallant, Steve Smith (The Red Green Show), Los Lobos, Rita MacNeil, Forgotten Rebels, Keith Glass, Kevin Breit, The Skydiggers, Jane Child, Junkhouse, Colin Linden, Ben Mink, Dave Rave, Fred Eaglesmith, and many more.   

       Bob's recent accomplishments as a producer include Gordon Lightfoot's "A Painter Passing Through", "Harmony" , “All Live”. And his recently released single “Plans of my own”. Lightfoot also called on Bob to record and mix the 5.1 "Live from Reno" concert  series.     

      Also to Bob's credit are John Cage's, "Harpsichord" and "Birdcage" which have received worldwide recognition.Bob most recently produced Chantal Chamberland's “Soiree”  which peaked at #1 on the Asian Jazz charts, as well as Riot nrrds  “settle", My Son The Hurricanes “You Can’t do this”, the Torchmen "Hymns, lest we forget" (winning best album at the Covenant Awards)     

      Over the years, music has taken Bob to the far reaches of the planet. He has travelled to the North Pole three times, and once to Haiti (during it’s last revolution) entertaining the troops, and most recently in 2013 Bob was on location at Easter Island documenting the ancient songs of the Rapa Nui culture.Aside from his dedication to bringing out an artists own personality in music, Bob brings his own style to make a product that is both passionate and filled with those "Let's give it a try" moments. Artists trust him with their music and consider him a friend.     

      When Bob is not busy making music at Grant Avenue Studio or found playing bass or trumpet somewhere in the city, he can be found enjoying his other passions in life ; flying, and archaeology.

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